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Personal site about electronic circuits and the fun of putting one together. Content coming as I have time.

My name is Mike and I started tinkering with electronics a long time ago. Tubes weren't very popular but were still used. I got a 150 in 1 kit from Radio Shack for my birthday in the mid 70's after tinkering with a few components. With the kit and a few basic books, I started to learn what resistors and capacitors were, then moved on to diodes, inductors, and eventually transistors. These little tiny funny looking pieces could do interesting stuff when put together the right way. Within a couple years I knew everything about electronics. (almost)

At that time the only computers were way beyond the average persons budget, and wouldn't fit in a normal house very well anyway, but a few years later things were changing fast. Next thing I knew, my electronic component selection, (a 12' long wall of parts cabinets), included 6800, 8080, and Z80 processors. Over the next several years I spent so much on components, books, and equipment that people thought I was planning to make a living with it. Later in life more important things came up and my tinkering came to a screeching halt. A year later I packed everything in boxes having no idea when I'll have time to get back to it. I'm back to tinkering now, a tiny bit, and I noticed that with the internet now in existence, some things are much different than before.

Now with the internet, it's so much easier to find products, data, and even schematics, but bookmarks can get quite messy, mine anyways. One thing I'm going to do with this site is keep my bookmarks here. It'll be much easier to find them when I want them. What else I do with this site depends on time. If you have any interest in electronics, bookmark this site and check back later.

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